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Chi Chi Oppai Dance



whose this fucking clown ass trash sulking in the middle of an upper class business party who even fucking invited this guy. hes wearing like arm sweat bands or some shit that looks like rubber coffee mug holders from the 1990s that you put on the coffee to keep it from burning your hands but instead this asshole is wearing them on his arms i can’t believe this, who the fuck is going to put hot coffee on his arms. is he an idiot? what even the fuck is going on, this is obviously some party for rich people like look at those fancy-ass suits in the back with wine and shit but instead they invited this dumbass joker instead of another rich guy who might give them some nice money and now he’s just fucking sulking there looking like some shit ass unemployed clown. and no fucking wonder he’s unemployed, you don’t invite a fucking clown to a party just to have them sulk around in the back corner and be antisocial.

this anime is trash 0/10  i havn’t even watched it and im not going to. all ive seen of it is this fucking joker trash wannabe play volleyball INCREDIBLY INCORRECTLY AND AGAINST THE RULES and then look like a whiny emo baby in the middle of a fancy business party.


i drew this like?? a month ago maybe! it was for the hetalia 60min on twitter and the theme was fantasia! 
I just loved his outfit and his entire appearance in the drama cd poland’s outfit is sooooo cute!!

Junius, Gustav Klimt


naemen asked: nyo russia in 14 or 18 ;u;

i realized this probably would look better in 18 oh well


aoba: hi koujaku
koujaku: why is it that i, a straight man,


【腐】ドラマダ | うみと 
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stay on your lane bitch

❀ Cosplay 。RBAOZI and HANA

❀ Game/Anime 。DRAMAtical Murder

❀ Character 。Noiz


Screencaps for episode 4 are out now!! Ahh!